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Microwave Testing

Microwave radiation leakage testing is a test which needs to be done annually in order to ensure the appliance is compliant to Australian Standards.

The high frequency waves produced by a microwave energise the molecules within food which in turns causes them to vibrate rapidly and heat up. These same waves pose a potential threat to living human tissue also, therefore it’s important that no leakages take place.

Over time with use, the closing mechanisms within a microwave tend to breakdown (i.e door not closing fully), therefore regular checks are important.

Our technicians provide microwave oven radiation and safety inspections by conducting a 3-point-safety check.

The first part of the test involves a physical damage inspection, second a power output inspection to measure wattage and third the radiation leakage inspection. The third test is done by using a device to measure radiation leakage.

If the microwave passes all tests, the appliance is certified and a label will be placed on the front indicating it’s safe for use. Full reporting is also provided.

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