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    RCD Testing

    RCD Testing

    What is an RCD?

    The acronym RCD stands for Residual Current Device.

    The RCD is an electrical protection device that breaks a devices circuit in the event of a fault, protecting the user from a potential surge in current.

    RCD’s work by monitoring the balance of currents between the devices Line conductor and Neutral conductor. If the RCD finds the balance is wrong, it breaks the circuit to prevent the current going to Earth.

    A faulty RCD can prevent serious injury or harm to those using the appliance so it’s important to regularly test.

    There are different types of RCD’s including:

    • Portable RCDs
    • Fixed RCD
    • Socket Outlet RCD’s

    Our technicians are trained to ensure your RCD’s are working, safe and complaint with AS/NZS 3760 standards. Call a Test & Tag Co technician today to book in your workplace’s testing.

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