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    What is a Test and Tag?

    What is a Test and Tag?

    Test and tagging is the process of checking the safety of a portable electrical appliance and tagging appliances that pass the test. It’s a regulatory requirement in all states of Australia¬†and the guidelines are listed under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.

    The tagging process involves a visual test where the technician carefully inspects the integrity of each items flex connections, covers, guards and plug. After this is performed and the appliance passes, the technician then checks the items insulation, polarity and earthing through a series of electrical checks. Upon successful completion of a test, the item is ‘tagged’ and a tag is placed around the cable which states the date, whom tested the appliance and the next date it’s required to be tested to maintain compliance.

    Safety & Compliance

    The purpose of test and tagging is to ensure electrical safety within the workplace. Companies who don’t maintain compliance risk hazards in the workplace as well as potential liability exposure to workplace safety claims in the event of an accident as they are required to provide a safe workplace.

    Depending on the type of appliance and the environment it’s used in dictates how regularly the appliance should be tested. This can differ from state to state so it’s always best to speak with a local technician to ensure the information is correct.

    Our equipment is fully compliant and prints tags, meaning none are hand written. We then provide detailed reporting of the results and re-test dates. To make compliance easier, we will then notify you close to the date to book in a re-test.

    Safety First

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